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Jennifer Baunoch-Crowell
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WOW, lots to talk about!

So, the blog is back in action! Gemeinhardt has gone through quite the growing pains in the last year, and we have come out of it with flyng colors!! Gemeinhardt was not immune from the challenges facing the US economy; but now with a new president, comes a new vision. We have refocused from the idea of the Gemstone umbrella and have emerged with a new vibrant look back to our roots. Gemeinhardt is the iconic household name and Gemeinhardt is what we will remain.

Incredibly in the last year we have introduced several new products, including the new Gemeinhardt clarinet and saxophone. In the flute line we introduced the new Roy Seaman STORM piccolo and the new wave piccolo headjoint, the New Generation 3SB flute, and the New Generation modified lip flute head joint. We introduced these new woodwinds at the Midwest Band and Orchestra convention in Chicago, NAMM convention in January, and now onto state music educator shows, and flute shows. We have had incredible reactions from students, teachers, and professional artists alike. Our new flute and piccolo are like nothing Gemeinhardt has ever had before!

Please keep a steady eye on this blog, as I will continue to inform of the continued metamorphisis of this music industry icon known as Gemeinhardt.

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