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Jennifer Baunoch-Crowell
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Press Release July 2011

“We’ll now get to be a hundred years old”
David Pirtle – President and CEO of Gemeinhardt

Looking ahead a little, June 25th 2011 will be seen as a significant date in the history of the famous Gemeinhardt Flute Company. Established in 1948 by Kurt Gemeinhardt a fourth generation flute maker, the world famous brand name has, since 1993, been under the ownership of investment banks. The past few years however have seen a much closer working relationship develop between Gemeinhardt’s management and their major supplier, Angel Industries Co. Ltd in Taiwan – widely acknowledged as the premier manufacturer of woodwind musical instruments. This has enabled recent significant growth in Gemeinhardt flute sales along with increasing dealer demand to extend the Gemeinhardt brand name in to other areas of woodwind instrument manufacturing.

We are therefore delighted to inform you that on the 25th June 2011, all the assets of Gemeinhardt Company and manufacturing facility in Elkhart, Indiana have been acquired by Angel Industries, who will continue to work closely with Gemeinhardt’s experienced management and workforce to drive the company forward with confidence.

This acquisition restores stability to the Gemeinhardt Company and provides confidence and investment for future product developments as well as bringing benefits to both US and International markets to generate significant new business and revenue opportunities. The combination of the Gemeinhardt and Angel manufacturing facilities will offer unrivalled growth potential and will extend the opportunities for the Gemeinhardt world class ‘USA’ brand to reach a wider global audience - Gemeinhardt’s future now rests safely again in the capable and experienced hands of musical industry manufacturing partners.

President and CEO of Gemeinhardt Dave Pirtle comments “we have been working for this day for the past few months with the goal of introducing these new arrangements seamlessly and thus ensure continuity for our manufacturing, staff, customers and suppliers. This really is great news for Gemeinhardt; I’ve been here for over 29 years and at last can feel that this totally secures our future!”

Speaking on behalf of Angel Industries, Frank Yang commented, “It became obvious some time ago that Gemeinhardt and Angel could be a good fit together. Gemeinhardt customers demand the highest quality and we are delighted to be able to meet this challenge for many years to come”.

The history of the music industry is littered with many stories, some happy and some not so. Just once in while an event takes place which positively transforms the face and future of a brand name. The 25th of June 2011 could just be the date which ensures that the Gemeinhardt brand will still be enjoyed by musicians for generations to come. Kurt would be proud!

NFA convention 2011 Charlotte NC

What an amazing week in Charlotte! The excitement was in the air right from the beginning for us at Gemeinhardt! Ali Ryerson started the convention off on the right foot by hosting the Gemeinhardt/Brio! Showcase. She showed off her new Ali Ryerson Autograph series Brio! flute, by performing selections from her 2011 NFA release of her new CD "Con Brio!"

Greg Pattillo at the same time, was busy with the High School soloist competition, as his composition "Three Beats for Beatbox Flute" was commissioned by the NFA to be included in the competition repertoire.

Nan Raphael, Roy Seaman clinician, performed for the opening concert with the Queen City Flute Orchestra.

Dr. Christine Erlander Beard, Roy Seaman artist and clinician performed on flute in concert celebrating Jean-Michel Damase.

Ali continued to be busy with the Jazz Flute Big Band reading, and Gala concert, and late night jazz cabaret Saturday night!

Along with all of this, each of these amazing people devoted much time at the Gemeinhardt booth creating all kinds of hype for the new instruments throughout the Gemeinhardt, Brio!, and Roy Seaman lines.

We generated quite a renewed enthusiasm with our dealers in attendance and with students, educators, and artists for our Gemeinhardt instruments! Amazing convention!
Please check out our Facebook page for photos from the convention.

We have many exciting events and news coming up! So Stay posted!!

In photos: cutest little Gemeinhardt girl ever!
Greg Pattillo discussing beatboxing with Cady Coleman
Ali Ryerson, Astronaut Cady Coleman (who happens to love her Gemeinhardt flute!), and Dave Pirtle

Monday, April 11, 2011


National Association of School Music Dealers held their annual convention the end of March. We were proud to be a platinum sponsor this year for this event, as we continue to give our support to a crucial group of music dealers who are dedicated to supporting music education and blossoming musicians. In the next couple of days I will post some photos and videos of the event. We were proud to have Stephanhouser and Brio artists for Gemeinhardt performing some great jazz for the Gemeinhardt sponsored breakfast which has been a tradition at this event for years. Ali Ryerson, jazz musician, recording artist, and jazz chair for the National Flute Association played on the New Generation Gemeinhardt 3sb and Shawn "Thunder" Wallace professor of jazz at Ohio State University, and recording artist played on his Stephanhouser sax.
It was an amazing week of continuing to build our relationships and friendships with a terrific group of people who do so much for their communities all over the U.S. and Canada!

New Gems for the New Gen

We at Gemeinhardt have been busy gearing up for all the new and exciting things going on here. We have introduced new models, we are reintroducing an important artist and clinician for us and how she will be involved more intimately with our company, and we are working on a newly refreshed website. Our New Generation headjoint and flutes are continuing to gain more and more popularity all though just introduced in the last couple of months. Our new Roy Seaman piccolo also continues to impress even the most exacting musicians and craftsperson. I Just received a note from Phil Unger of Flute Center of New York, he "Loves the new Roy Seaman Storm piccolo!". Keep checking back, we have many exciting announcements coming in the next several months.....